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Accounting, VAT, Payroll, and Advisory

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Our VirtuAccounts team is here to help you with Accounting, VAT, and Payroll, so you can focus on your business. We also offer advisory services to help your company move forward and reach new heights.


One-time set up fee for the first quarter: AED 2,250

Quarterly Fee for Accounting and Reporting

Number of Transactions Quarterly Fee
Up to 10 transactions AED 1,025
Up to 20 transactions AED 1,450
Up to 30 transactions AED 1,875
Up to 50 transactions AED 2,500
Up to 75 transactions AED 3,750
Up to 100 transactions AED 4,850
Up to 150 transactions AED 6,250
Up to 200 transactions AED 7,300

Monthly cloud-based accounting software fee: AED 150


One time set up fee for the first year: One month’s payroll fee

One-time accounting software fee: AED 95 per employee

Monthly Fees for Payroll

Number of employees Monthly fee
Up to 5 AED 1,850
Up to 10 AED 2,400
Up to 20 AED 2,950
Up to 50 AED 5,150
Up to 100 AED 7,350

If the number of employees for payroll exceeds a slab rate, the monthly fee for each employee will be on a pro-rata basis, until the fee reaches the next slab rate.

For example, 22 employees will be charged at AED 3,245 (2,950 + (2,950/20*2).

General advisory: AED 375 per hour

VAT advisory: AED 645 per hour

In addition to the professional fees specified above, VirtuAccounts shall charge an additional 5% of the total fees towards out-of-pocket expenses.

Should any additional support be required, this will be billed at an hourly blended rate of AED 375 per hour.