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There are two types of standard contract in the UAE: limited and unlimited. Unless working in a FTZ, UAE employees are required to have a standard contract.

Whether or not you require a local partner to do business in the UAE depends on your business activity and where you wish to set up.

Virtuzone are on hand to help you get your business set up in Dubai and the UAE. We can assist and advise at every stage of the process.

There are many advantages to setting up your business in a UAE free zone including tax and repatriation benefits. UAE free zone set up is quick and simple.

There is a company name registration process in the UAE. However, it is very flexible and is simply a case of avoiding certain words or phrases.

There are several key benefits to setting up in a UAE free zone, from zero corporate and income tax, to 100% ownership of your business.

The standard UAE working day is eight hours – this increases to nine for trades, hospitality and security. Remuneration usually combines salary and benefits.

What are the differences between limited and unlimited contracts in the UAE? In short, a limited contract has a set end date, an unlimited contract doesn't.

When hiring in the UAE, keep in mind that as an employer you are responsible for your employees’ visa and residency permit.