Virtuzone CEO George Hojeige chairs the GITEX Future Stars 2020

16 December 2020
George Hojeige at GITEX Future Stars

Virtuzone CEO George Hojeige kicked off GITEX Future Stars on December 6, 2020 with an informative discussion on “Policy and Investment,” the theme for the first day of the event.

George welcomed entrepreneurs, investors, experts and delegates from all over the world and chaired the sessions that looked into global investment trends, the new fundraising landscape, opportunities in a world in crisis, the politics in entrepreneurship and how startups can deal with pressure from investors.

George also commenced the sessions on December 9, the last day of the event, with a conversation on “People, Culture and Organisation” and how the pandemic has impacted corporate culture.

Among the speakers for the day were John Cleese, a renowned English actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer, who talked about “A Lifetime of Creativity: Implementing creativity into your business,” and Tom Savage, Founder and not a CEO, who wrapped up the event with a discussion on how founders can ensure they do not hinder the success of their own businesses.