Emarati 2 features Virtuzone, highlights the company’s success and impact on the UAE’s business community

06 January 2021
Neil on Emarati 2

In an interview with the local TV show Emarati 2, Virtuzone Chairman and Co-founder Neil Petch recalled how he came to Dubai 26 years ago and witnessed how the emirate transformed itself to become the world’s startup capital today.

From establishing ITP and leading it to be the Gulf’s largest publishing house, to founding and growing Virtuzone, the UAE’s number one company formation specialists, Neil has experienced phenomenal success in Dubai as an entrepreneur.

Neil firmly believes the UAE holds massive opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, even with the challenges brought by COVID-19.

With the local government’s proactive response to the pandemic and travel restrictions easing, there is a growing interest among international companies and entrepreneurs from countries like China and Israel to set up in the UAE.

Seeing this global interest, Virtuzone is working hand in hand with the government to educate people on how easy it is to set up their businesses in the UAE. 

With all the advances that the UAE has made to make business setup more efficient, faster and cost-effective, along with its cutting-edge infrastructure and corporate facilities, Neil believes Dubai is on track to becoming the next Geneva.  

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