We provide a broad range of support services that meet your needs beyond the business setup stage – from opening your corporate banking account to registering for VAT and managing your accounting.

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Staffing your startup: why financial literacy among millennials is a concern

Our business support packages are here to help you beat the competition.

For startups and business owners in the UAE it can be invaluable to have a specialist company taking care of the many tasks involved in establishing a successful brand and commercial presence. If you want to take the UAE by storm, you need an expert who can give you not only the benefit of their experience but support much beyond the initial paperwork.

Our many support services are inspired by our clients’ daily needs and have been designed especially to help you get the ball rolling and focus on what really matters.

Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening

After acquiring your company licence, opening a bank account is an important step to take in order to handle your business’ financial transactions efficiently.

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