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ICA Smart Services – Complete Guide (2023)

Jan 9, 2023 | Legal

ICA Smart Services is an online system that allows you to register your arrival and departure information while applying for your Emirates ID and Residential Visa issuance and Visa validity in Dubai.

Whether you’re starting a new business, or undergoing a transfer to Dubai, this service can help make the transition smooth and successful.

What is ICA Smart Services?

This unique system facilitates the entry and exit of businesspersons in Dubai. It’s a subdivision of the Federal Authority for Identity and organises everything required for your Emirates identity and citizenship.

The Federal Authority for Identity is a federal authority where the ICA Smart Services are linked. They cover everything from ICA smart services to port security and visa issuance, visa validity and visa insurance.

By submitting your information online with UAE Immigration, the application is quick and easy. This means you can acquire your Visa faster. Conveniently, this system is available in person, online and via the mobile application. Smart services compiles all the necessary information and stores it in one centralised location. For Dubai residents, visit the respective ICA offices for registration.

This service is a comprehensive system that handles passport services, entry visas, emirates ID and everything concerning your identity and citizenship whilst travelling through the UAE. You can also use this service to check your visa validity and passport information from the convenience of your computer or phone.

Keep up to date with the latest information on ICA social media platforms.

Applying for ICA Smart Services

What are the Benefits of ICA Smart Services?

There are several benefits for business owners and travellers, including:

  • Check your application online from the comfort of your home
  • Check your application status from any web-enabled device such as your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Make changes to your application online
  • If your appointment for residence entry is cancelled, you can make an appointment again online
  • Check up to five applications from the same computer
  • Log in with your Smart Number to check the status of your application
  • View the tourist and business visa services online
  • File an appeal online
  • Request a refund online
  • Update your Emirates ID

Who Can Register for ICA Smart Services?

Entrepreneurs entering and exiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi and anywhere else in the UAE can use this innovative system. Registration is necessary if your stay extends for longer than three (3) months.

If you plan to stay in Dubai for less than seven (7) days, you don’t have to worry about registration. For a stay longer than seven days, you must register as soon as you arrive in the UAE.

Registration is open to:

  • Residents
  • Employees
  • Business owners
  • Representatives in Dubai

A business meeting in Dubai

How to Register for ICA Smart Services

You can register at the airport by entering your Smart Number and nationality at the Smart Services counter. You can also register by calling the following phone number: 800 9090.

What You’ll Need To Register

When it comes to making arrangements for your identity and citizenship in the UAE, there’s a few documents you’ll need. Registering for ICA Smart Services from the Federal authority for identity website will help expedite your visa issuance. Conveniently, you can submit all the necessary information before your arrival in the UAE.

An application form must include your work history and personal information. More information on a UAE residence Visa and Emirates ID can be found here.

The process for registering is similar to applying for a Visa. The application form must be accompanied by your:

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport number
  • Visa entry permit
  • Work history and personal information

You can also use the mobile application. Download the mobile application, from their website so you can register at any time.

How Much Is The Registration Fee?

The registration fee for this service is AED150, which is processed after your arrival in the Abu Dhabi or Dubai. You can make this payment online or at the ICA office.

Paying for registration online

How To Track Your Application

You can track the progress of your application a few different ways:

Use Your Online Account

Tracking your application is as easy as logging onto your online user account. Here, you can track up to five visa applications. As soon as you arrive in the UAE, you should receive an email with your tracking number to be able to log in. The email will contain your ICA registration number and a link to your online tracking account. Remember that the email arrives sometime after your arrival in the UAE.

Contact the ICA call center

Phoning the ICA is another easy way to track your application. Operators are waiting to hear from you and are available 24 hours a day. The phone number 600522222. 

Use Your Mobile Application

Perhaps the most convenient way to check your application progress is to log into your mobile application. Use the mobile app any time of the day, whenever you need. Click here for mort on the ICA mobile application.

Entrepreneur checking status on mobile application

How to Use ICA Smart Services

After receiving your tracking number, you can start making appointments with the immigration and labour authorities. You can directly schedule appointments by selecting the date and time you want to visit the office.

You can also request an appointment to meet with an officer at the Dubai Land Department. The officer will give you an appointment confirmation, which you can use to change your Visa and residence entry process. You can also use this confirmation printout to apply for a UAE residence visa.

The Dubai Land Department will give you a service fee and a payment receipt. If you don’t meet the Visa or residence entry deadlines, you might have to pay additional fees. The UAE could also prevent you from entering the country, or you may be deported.

Aside from tracking your application online, you can also contact the call center, to obtain any relevant updates.

What To Do Before You Arrive in Dubai

Due to the new rules and regulations for a UAE residence Visa, you might have to use ICA Services. If you’re travelling to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE for business or as a tourist, you can still use ICA services to start your temporary residency.

Before you arrive in the UAE, you must schedule an appointment with the ICA service center. Making an appointment can be done online from your account. Follow the prompts to ‘schedule an appointment’, choose your date and confirm your booking.

Alternatively, visit the ICA website and click Contact Us. You can also make a direct call from your UAE number by calling 800 9090 or from outside the UAE by calling +971 4 227 7000.

Dubai entrepreneur signing Visa application form

Safe Travel Requirements Due to Covid 19

From February 2022, anyone entering Dubai must fulfil certain travel requirements. This includes any travel to places such as Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah and the entire Emirates region. If you’re wondering about the need for a pcr test and whether this affects entry permits or visa details, there’s a few things to consider.

A valid vaccine certificate reflecting a passengers vaccination status is among the necessary requirements. A negative covid 19 pcr test within 48 hours of travel or a valid medical certificate stating the passenger’s recovery from coronavirus must be presented.

Check with your airline and official authorities for more information about travelling safely. ICA Services can also assist with more information.

Get To Know The Federal Authority for Identity

ICA services is part of The Federal Authority for Identity is a government body that looks after all matters involving citizenship, customs and port security. The Federal Authority for Identity website has a range of helpful services and information for both citizens and foreigners. 

This organisation helps with passport services, an ID card and visa status. Anyone travelling to and from the UAE must have an Emirates ID as part of standard identification. Learn more about the importance of keeping your Emirates ID up to date.  All the information you need is also readily available on your mobile application for easy access. 

Application approved for Visa in UAE

How to Check Your Visa Status

Obtaining an entry visa is a vital part of travelling to the UAE. You can check your visa status a number of ways:

  • Online prior to your arrival
  • By calling the call center
  • At the airport counter

Check your visa status for yourself, any dependants or employees. You can check the status of each entry visa for up to five passengers per visit. If you have booked a hotel through this ICA, and already have an invitation letter, you don’t have to recheck the status of your entry.

Upon your arrival in Dubai Airport, the Dubai Airport Customs Department conducts the entry process with you. When you enter Dubai using ICA, you visit the ICA services counter before Customs. You will give your passport to a staff member, who will check the status of your entry.

How to Apply for a Visa Extension

You can extend your Visa at the ICA services counter at the airport or through the call center. You can apply for an extension of stay in the UAE even if you don’t have a credit card or an internet connection. If you enter the country through Dubai Airport, you can extend your visa at the Dubai Airport Customs Department.

Login online to ICA Smart Services

How to Apply for a Change of Status

Up to two (2) changes to your application is permitted. If you require any more changes to your application, further fees and charges will apply.

If you are an existing ICA Smart Services user, you can apply to change your status using the online system. To get set up, call the ICA Services call center or go online to create an account.

How to Apply for an Exit Permit

You can request your exit permit when you are at the Smart Services counter. You will need to show your passport, the Visa of your dependent and your residence card. Your exit permit will be extended, and you’ll receive a new entry card.

Renewed travel visa for UAE

How to Renew Your Visa with Smart Services

If your Visa is expiring soon, you can renew it online. You can log in to your ICA Smart Services account and restore your visa online. Complete the renewal process by adding your passport, Visa and residence card.

How to Cancel Your Visa with Smart Services

To cancel your Visa, simply login to your ICA Services account and follow the steps to cancel your Visa.

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We Make Your Transition to Dubai Easier

In summary, if you’re planning a move to Dubai for business, we’re here to help make the transition easier. We can help you find the best area to start your business, help you apply for Visas, and assist with all the required paperwork.

Because you’ll be set up for success from day one, your business will be off to a great start. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our company formation specialists. For more information on establishing your business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur, head to our social media sites on Facebook and Instagram.

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